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Plowdown, "Same previous hoster, forced wait requested" problem

Plowshare4 is an aweseome tool to manage downloads (and uploads) from command line. It can handle premium accounts from most popular storage sites, and is, to my knowledge, the only possible replacement to jdownloader if you want to use it via command line. For instance, you may want to connect to your server via ssh and download there, or you may want to use it in light computers as the raspberry pi.
However, I have found out that, when one wants to download many links saved in a file, the program waits 30 seconds between downloads even if you are using a premium account to login to you storage. More precisely, it says "Same previous hoster, forced wait requested" and it waits for 30 seconds. This is very anoying. The following extremely silly script solves this. It assumes that you have properly configured the plowshare.conf file with your account details. Otherwise, add them in this script with the "-a" option.

You just call it like that: file_with_links

i=$(cat $1 | wc -l)

for ((j=1; j<=$i; j++)) ;do
	head -n $j $1 | tail -n 1 > current_link
	plowdown current_link
rm current_link