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Below my publications. In the section software you can find some of the routines that I have written to obtain the numerical demonstrations shown in some of these papers. Feel free to use them as you want; I would appreciate aknowledgement.


Preprints and Monographs

Peer-reviewed Journal publications

In proceedings

(not complete)
  • Big bang bifurcations in a first order systems with a relay
    Enric Fossas and Albert Granados
    In proceedings the DSTA conference, Lodz, Poland, December 2011.
  • Sufficient conditions for the period increment big bang bifurcation in one dimensional non-smooth maps
    Viktor Avrutin, Albert Granados and Michael Schanz
    In proceedings of the XI International Conference Stability and Oscillations of Nonlinear Control Systems, 2010.
  • Experimental procedure to obtain 2D time-space high-speed water surfaces.
    A. Bateman, A. Granados, V. Medina, D. Velasco and M. Nalesso.
    In proceedings of the International Conference of Fluvial Hydraulics, River Flow 2006, Lisbon, pp 1879 − 1888.